Japan Visit Program 2015(APU)


Education system grows from cultural expectations and ideologies. There are many ways to improve a school education system. One such way is to observe the high performing education systems, understanding their experiences and practicing the tools to improve the outcomes.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan (www.apu.ac.jp) selected eleven school principals all over India for a sponsored visit program to allow them explore international culture, understand higher education system in Japan and to share expertise knowledge in range of topics like active based learning , student exchange, field trips, group discussions and presentations, guest speakers, case studies and more.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) is a multicultural university and is ranked as one of Japan’s top 30 Global Hub Universities by MEXT. APU offers undergraduate programs in International management and Social sciences. The University career placement rate continues to be high; above 95% till date. APU provides a vibrant setting, outstanding value, exceptional scholarships and challenging opportunities.

About University Visit Program

APU University visit program was launched with an aim to nurture friendship between Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and schools. The main Objectives of the program are
1)To lay a foundation for future bonds among the schools and APU, along with mutual understanding and friendship

2)To raise awareness and understanding of Japanese culture, learning methodology and values

3)To help principals understand the higher education system in Japan