S.No Title of the e-book Author
1 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle
2 Battle of Life Charles Dickens
3 Book 1- Jed Cartwright and the Midnight Escape Ed Dunlop
4 Book 2- Jed Cartwright and the Lost Gold Mine Ed Dunlop
5 Book 3- Jed Cartwright and the Comanche Raiders Ed Dunlop
6 Book 4- Jed Cartwright and the Lighthouse Mystery Ed Dunlop
7 Book 5- Jed Cartwright and the Desperate Slave Ed Dunlop
8 Book 6- Jed Cartwright and the Midnight Rustlers Ed Dunlop
9 Childhood Leo Tolstoy
10 Emma Jane Austen
11 Golden Slipper Anna Katherine green
12 Gone with the wind Margaret Mitchell
13 Little princess Frances Hudgson Burnett
14 Little Women Louisa may Alcott
15 Phantom-Pilot Ed Dunlop
16 Pirate of Panther bay S R Staley
17 Pride and Pejudice Jane Austen
18 Sense and Senisibility Jane Austen
19 Sherlock Jones and the missing Coins Ed Dunlop
20 Sherlock Jones and the Odyssey Mystery Ed Dunlop
21 Wonderful Wizard of Oz L. Frank Baum