A comprehensive school counseling program is an integral component of Jubilee Hills Public School’s academic mission. Guidance and counseling services prepare students to assume increasing responsibility for their decisions and grow in their ability to understand and accept the results of their choices.The school counsellor designs and delivers comprehensive school counseling programs that promote student achievement. These programs are comprehensive in scope, preventive in design and developmental in nature.

Students of JHPS can avail guidance/behavioral counselling during school hours. When required, after school sessions may also be scheduled. The counsellor is available 6 days a week during regular school hours and on a separate phone line dedicated to students during and after school hours.

Behaviour counselling usually focuses on a wide range of issues which include bullying, harassment, loneliness, abuse, emotional insecurities, rational/irrational fears, low self-esteem, peer pressure, adolescence, parents’ divorce, broken families, weak relationships, poor academic performance, distractions, inappropriate class room behaviour, violence, physical destruction etc.

The counsellor is also responsible for the Health and Wellness clubs established in the School as per the CBSE guidelines. The Health and Wellness Clubs focuses on the overall wellbeing comprising emotional, social and mental health of the child. Activities related to various dimensions of health and wellness with a focus on holistic development is conducted on a weekly basis for all classes. Health Cards have been created for each and every student to monitor continuous growth and development of the child.

Working with Students:

The school counsellor’s first professional responsibility is to the students. The educational, academic, career, personal, and social needs of all students within the school setting, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, are the focus in planning and delivering a developmental, comprehensive guidance and counselling program.

The diverse needs of students may require specific counselling expertise and school counsellors recognize their boundaries of competencies by providing only those services for which they are qualified by training or experience. When students require specialized, intensive or long-term counselling beyond what the school may reasonably be expected to provide, appropriate referrals are made.

Working with Parents/Guardians:

Parents/guardians fulfill a primary role in the lives of their children. Collaboration with parents in the best interest of students is a key activity of school counsellors. School counsellors do not provide family counselling. The focus of school counselling is on the personal, social, educational, and career development of the student. Providing parents, as appropriate, with accurate information in a caring manner is part of working with minors in a school setting. The open sharing of guidance education activities with parents is separate from the confidential nature of a counselling relationship. Working with students to keep parents appropriately informed without breaching confidentiality is an important responsibility. School counsellors bridge communication with parents at every opportunity.

Parent Counseling is recommended to parents that have children or teenagers and would like support, guidance or help in anything to do with their family. Here are some situations in which Parent Counseling is offered.
* Difficulty in understanding children/teen.
* Inappropriate child/teen behaviors.
* Difficulty in accepting child/teen’s interests or lack of interest.
* Difficulty in understanding child/teen’s diagnosis.
* Academic issues pertaining to children/teenagers.
* Difficulty related to the choices or ideas of teenagers/children.

Consultation Support Offered:

School counselors work together with other certified teachers and professionals to increase opportunities for success in the lives of all learners. School counsellors provide education, guidance, and counselling to all students in the school through activities
such as:
* One-on-one individualized sessions
* Awareness programs and workshops
* Health and Wellness Clubs and Exposure talks
* Group counselling

Working with Colleagues and External Professional Associates:

Guidance and counselling services are part of a broader delivery system designed to enhance the success of all learners. The school counsellor establishes and maintains an ongoing professional, collaborative relationship with school staff, clinicians, and other service providers who work with students in the school. Colleagues and professional associates are consulted and provided with professional information related to the educational success and well-being of students who are also in their care.

Educational planning and services are coordinated in the best interest of the student. Information is shared with adherence to appropriate guidelines for confidentiality.