Jubilee Hills Public School Cricket Club, affiliated to Hyderabad Cricket Association has been set up with the wonderful thought of providing the ultimate facility for undiscovered talented young cricketers. They are given year long intensive coaching within school timings with an affordable fee. The Secretary of Jubilee Hills Public School Cricket Club, Mr.G.S.Raju has been training JHPS boys for tournaments within as well as outside the country. JHES and JHPS have continually given the Jubilee Hills Public School Cricket Club all support that is needed. JHPS has a vast playground in the heart of the city and provides all support and encouragement for such a wonderful game. Sri A. Murali Mukund, chairman of the school, a lover of sports has always been encouraging and supportive towards young cricketers of JHPSCC. JHES also provides training, infrastructure not only to the pupils of our school, but also to many other children of the twin cities.