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  Shri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s Visit | 7.1.2019

  Annual Day Celebrations 22.12.2018

 Baby’s Day Out 24.11.2018

  Diwali Celebrations 06.11.2018

 Field Trip to Heritage Foods Ltd. 6.10.2018

  Dusshera and Bathukamma Celebrations 05.10.2018

  Career Counseling by Canada Universities

 Class I Field Trip 4.10.2018

  Parent Teacher Association

 Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

  Teachers’ Day Celebrations 05.09.2018

  Janamastami Celebrations

 Career Counselling Session

  Class III Tarang 28.08.2018

  Independence Day Celebrations 15.08.2018

 Class IV Field Trip

  Class IV Tarang 28.07.2018

  Class II Field Trip to Gosha Mahal Traffic Training Park

 Class III Field Trip to National Institute of Rural Development

  Class V students Field Trip

 Vanamahotsavam & Science Exhibition

  Telangana Formation Day 02.06.2018

 Student Council Elections 6.4.2018

  Khan Academy Workshop 30.03.2018

  Parent Orientation

 Farewell 16.02.2018

  Flimit Festival 15.02.2018

  The Basics | Parent Day of Class I 27.1.2018

 Baby’s Night Out 27.01.2018

  Republic Day Celebrations 26.01.2018

  Christmas and Math Day Celebrations 23.12.2017

  CBSE Capacity Building Programme 16.12.2017

  Annual Day Celebrations 9.12.2017

 World Education Summit 2017

  Children’s Day 14.11.2017

  SPAES Programme 29.10.2017

 Udaan | Parent Day of Class IV 28.10.2017

  Vigilance Awareness Week 25.10.2017

  Diwali Celebrations 18.10.2017