Jenesys 2.0 -Japan

JENESYS is an exchange programme which invites youth from overseas to Japan every year with a view to promote mutual understanding and friendship with Japanese youth and citizens.
The program aims towards the revitalization of the Japanese economy, increasing visitors to Japan and at the same time, promoting global understanding of Japanese values. The program also helps to lay the foundation for the future bond among the youth of Asia and Oceania countries, along with mutual understanding and friendship.
On 2nd June 2014, a group of ten students and one teacher supervisor, Ms G Durga left India to visit Japan. We represented our school in the youth exchange programme, JENESYS 2.0 (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths).
At the Delhi Airport we met students from National Public School from Bangalore and two University students from Punjab and we travelled together on the flight. We landed in Japan on 3rd June. There Jenesys coordinators welcomed us and took us to a Hotel. After lunch, they arranged a meeting with all the three groups( group A, B & C) for the programme and explained the whole schedule. Our school and the school from, Bangalore belonged to group C. On the fourth day after breakfast, we visited a museum called Maranian. There, we witnessed advanced Japanese technology. For example, we could see our DNA on the screen after placing our arm on a machine in the space provided.On the fifth day we reached Kochi by flight. Kochi City is located on the Kagami-gawa River delta, at the head of Urado Bay. The city is the political, cultural, economic, and trading center of the prefecture. From there we went to meet the Educational Department officers. One of the group C students introduced us to the officers. The Japanese spoke in their language. One of the Australian translators translated the speech. We had a very interactive session with them. They explained about different places in Kochi, their culture, festivals etc. From there we went to Katsura-hama Beach. The Katsura-hama Beach is in the south of the city at Urado Bay. This spot is famous for the pleasant contrast between the pine tree forests and rocky coastal scenery.
On the sixth day, we went to a paper industry where they made paper called “Washi”. All of us made two sheets of paper out of pulp. It was an amazing experience. We then left the place to visit a school. There we met the Principal and faculty. Then all the students were divided into groups. They participated in club activities, shared work and exchanged their views with each other.
After that they arranged a meeting with Home stay Families and two people were assigned to each family for Home stay. We stayed in their house for two nights and a day. They took us out to different places like the castle, temple, botanical garden etc. At dinner, we exchanged news about our country, culture, food habits, festivals, different places etc. For dinner we made some dishes for them and they enjoyed our spicy curries and chutney. The next day we had a farewell party with all Home Stay families in the Hotel.
In the evening, we gathered in a hall to discuss what our perceptions were before we visited Japan, what we understood about Japan after our visit and what we were going to do to improve the friendly relationship with the Japanese people after coming back to India. The students of Group C prepared a power point presentation about the programme.
On the Seventh day, we left Kochi for Tokyo. After lunch, all the three groups had a meeting with the Japanese Government officials. The students of the three groups presented their power point presentations. The officials praised our students and gave certificates to all the students and coordinators. On the eighth day we left Tokyo and reached India. I thank our Management for giving me this opportunity to take part in this programme.