Harvard MUN,U.S.A 2014

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the original United Nations Conference organized by high school students. The students of Jubilee Hills Public School have been very active in participating at various MUN conferences held in Hyderabad. MUN not only provides students with knowledge of the functioning of the UN but also teaches them many important qualities like diplomacy, creativity, negotiation and the ability to “sell” an idea. Students represented delegates and head of states of various countries and took part in different committees of the UN.
The most prestigious MUN in Hyderabad, ‘The Harvard Model United Nations-India 2014’ was an enriching experience for students of JHPS. It was a 4-day conference held at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre. The MUN was filled with great levels of debating and many wonderful social events for the students. Other than the HMUN, “Oakridge Model United Nations” was also a part of the students’ MUN adventure. The ‘OakMun’ was held at Taj Krishna and received many delegates from various countries around the globe. MUN’s are a great platform for students to showcase their brilliance in debating and diplomacy.
It is a medium through which students interact with various people and students from different countries with different mindsets. The interaction of ideas amongst various students helps in developing the thought-process of students.