Educational Tour

The school was awarded in recognition of the Best pedagogical practices and providing quality education to the citizens of tomorrow at the international school education leadership summit-2015 in Kuala Lumpur on May 4th 2015 by Brain feed, a prestigious educational magazine.
A Conference cum School visits for 40 School Correspondents and School Heads to Malaysia and Singapore was organized from 2nd-7th May 2015 by Brain Feed magazine. The objectives of the programme were to discuss and debate why leadership is important in school education, and, deduce ways on how, one can, implement time tested quality educational practices, and, also find newer ideas, to make the present day education system, a robust entity in the development of a nation. To encourage and motivate excellence in school education, the schools with best pedagogical practices and the vision or mission of contributing to the society by providing quality education for the future leaders, will be awarded with a school excellence award.
The Summit was an avenue to explore new and experimental ideas and methods in education. Prof. B.V. R. Chowdari from the National University of Singapore enlightened the participants on the system of education in Singapore. The Academic Director Ms. Sreedevi Gundapaneni and Primary Head Mistress Ms.Sonia Nagpal received the award in Singapore.

Posted on May 10, 2015