International Yoga Day

Jubilee Hills Public School celebrated Yoga Day in the school premises. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word YUJ which means ‘to join’ or ‘to unite.’ Yoga brings great synchronization between the mind, body and soul. As per Yogic scriptures, the practice of Yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness to universal consciousness. The Yoga Instructor, Mr. Kiran Tej demonstrated asanas like Surya Namaskar and other important asanas.
The Academic Director, Ms. G Sree Devi while speaking about the benefits of Yoga stated that when one does Namaskar, connectivity occurs between the right and the left brain which ultimately leads to better creativity and logical thinking. The Principal, Ms. Varalakshmi concluded the session by saying that Yoga is for the mind and body. She requested the students to promote the importance of Yoga amongst friends and family members.
The Yoga Instructor, Mr. Kiran Tej demonstrated various Asanas.

Posted on June 21, 2015

PTA Meeting

Jubilee Hills Public School conducted an Orientation Programme for parents on Saturday 20th June 2015. The Principal, Ms. M. Varalakshmi apprised the parents about the CBSE results, awards, scholarships, achievements and gave them an insight into the activities, infrastructure and facilities available in JHPS. She said that teachers, parents and students are the three ends of a triangle with student on the top being supported by teachers and parents to achieve his goal.
Ms. G. Sree Devi, the Academic Director addressed the gathering and emphasized on skill based vocational education to create critical thinkers and problem solving 21st century citizens. She stressed that the school aims at the holistic development of the children.
Ms.Aarti, the Student Counsellor reminded the gathering that every child is unique. She advised the parents to love and enjoy the relationship with their child. She also advised the parents to listen to their child.

Ms. Samatha apprised the parents about the functioning of the Kindergarten School. The Headmistress of Primary and Pre-Primary, Ms.Sonia Nagpal updated the parents on the teaching methodology, the assessment process and the importance of parent coordination for the smooth functioning of the school.

Posted on June 20, 2015


Jubilee Hills Public School conducted orientation programme for parents of clsses VIII-X IIT,NTSE aspirants on 20th June in the school premises. The NTSE coordinator said that the main objective of the programme is to provide the complete orientation of STEM Education. She said that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics play an important role in competitiveness, creativity and future economic prosperity. She also said that the teaching methodology emphasizes a right balance between Boards and competitive exams. Supply of Study material and regular mock tests are features of this programme. The school also provides stress free, result oriented learning to NTSE / IIT aspirants. Top notch faculty, rigorous curriculum and personalized attention are the hallmarks of this programme. In the interaction, parents discussed on points related to the programme and were convinced of the need for the programme.

Posted on June 20, 2015