Field Trip to NIRD

An Educational field trip to National Institute of Rural Development was organized by Jubilee Hills Public School for the students of Class III and Class V in order to give them a practical experience about handmade eco-friendly products, small scale industries and make them understand about the concept of renewable sources of energy, mushroom cultivation, apiculture technology.

Students and teachers learnt about the biogas plant and it functioning, solar energy centre, water harvesting technologies, vermicompost, bio pesticides and home based products. Students saw different types of low cost houses like the bamboo house, mud house etc. Students were explained how the solar panels function and how they can be utilized to save electricity.

Students really enjoyed watching the different processes and they made a note of each to share the knowledge with their friends.

Posted on July 27, 2015

Parent Teacher Association

Jubilee Hills Public School conducted the Annual PTA meeting on 25th July for classes LKG to XII. The programme started with a prayer to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. The Principal Ms.M.Varalakshmi welcomed the parents and apprised them with an overview of the school development, activities, facilities and the CBSE results of classes X and XII. She emphasized on the main objective of the PTA meeting, i.e. to collaborate and be committed towards the child. She requested the parents to come out with suggestions for the development of the child and the school.
Ms. G. Sreedevi, the Academic Director emphasized on aspects of Education like Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Integrated Learning, Problem Solving and Communication which cater to the development of 21st Century students. She stressed that parents are the important partners to instill values in their children.

Posted on July 25, 2015


A spectacular show “Panorama” was organized on 25th July,2015 in the school premises to showcase the skill and talent of each and every student of class V. The show was a journey which took the audience, Parents of class V students, through the world of aspirations and ambition of their children. The programme started with Swagatam Dance . Panorama gave a wider view of the conflicts child faces with the parent while making choices and decision .It was depicted beautifully through dance – drama and debate that how the parent and school guides the child to choose their area of their interest without any confusions in mind.
The Principal, Ms. M. Varalakshmi welcomed the gathering and felt that apart from academics, co-curricular activities are also very important for the holistic development of the child. The Primary Headmistress, Ms. Sonia Nagpal in her speech accentuated that a dream never comes true through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work. Believing that every child is unique in their own way, the teachers have nurtured each child of class V. The Academic Diretor, Ms. G. Sreedevi, appreciated the way the children are shaped through hard work and determination. She emphasized that success can be achieved only when people shed their inhibition and nurture their talents.
The Chairman, Sri A. Murli Mukund, appreciated the efforts of the Head Mistress, teachers and the students for putting up such a fantastic show. He stressed that by organizing such programmes,children become more focused and attentive in their academics. Children lose their stage fear and confidence is built by participating in such programme.
The parents of class V students were touched by the performance of the children and appreciated the school for organizing such events and boosting up the confidence of each child.

Posted on July 25, 2015


People of India celebrate many festivals venerating trees. One such festival is Vana mahotsav or the Forest Festival. It’s a weeklong festival of tree planting that reaffirms the protection of our Natural resouces. It is organized every year in the month of July, across India when millions of trees are planted and solemn pledges are made to protect trees.The main purpose of planting trees during Vanamahotsav is to increase awareness and inculcate love for trees amongst the people.
Jubilee Hills Public School celebrated Vanamahotsav in the school on July 14, 2015. The Principal, Ms. M. Varalakshmi welcomed the Chief Guest, Dr. Anjum Mahtab an esteemed Scientist from the National Remote Sensing Centre. As a part of the celebration the Head Boy and the Head Girl distributed saplings to the dignitaries’ who presided over the function.
The Chief Guest, Dr. Anjum Mahtab, stated that trees are the lungs of the Earth. She advised the students to plant trees so as to stand tall and feel proud like them. She suggested that one should enjoy God’s beautiful creation by preserving it.
The Chairman, Sri A. Murali Mukund stated that one has to be a part of Nature in order to understand its importance. He advised the students to preserve the Ecosystem for a better future. The Principal, Ms. M. Varalakshmi in her address said that Vanamahotsav, “The festival of trees” is very important as trees give us life, so we must plant more trees to save the Earth. The Academic Director, Ms G. Sree Devi emphasized that we must take care of plants and in turn they will protect us. She narrated a story of a ‘Flowering Tree’ by A.K Ramanujan to reiterate the importance of trees.
A variety of cultural programmes showcased by the students conveyed the message that everyone must take this up as a challenge and make a sincere effort to conserve life giving trees.

Posted on July 14, 2015

Japan Visit Program

Education system grows from cultural expectations and ideologies. There are many ways to improve a school education system. One such way is to observe the high performing education systems, understanding their experiences and practicing the tools to improve the outcomes.
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan ( selected eleven school principals all over India for a sponsored visit program to allow them explore international culture, understand higher education system in Japan and to share expertise knowledge in range of topics like active based learning , student exchange, field trips, group discussions and presentations, guest speakers, case studies and more.
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) is a multicultural university and is ranked as one of Japan’s top 30 Global Hub Universities by MEXT. APU offers undergraduate programs in International management and Social sciences. The University career placement rate continues to be high; above 95% till date. APU provides a vibrant setting, outstanding value, exceptional scholarships and challenging opportunities.

About University Visit Program:

APU University visit program was launched with an aim to nurture friendship between Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and schools. The main Objectives of the program are
1)To lay a foundation for future bonds among the schools and APU, along with mutual understanding and friendship
2)To raise awareness and understanding of Japanese culture, learning methodology and values
3)To help principals understand the higher education system in Japan

Posted on July 11, 2015

Aavishkar Quiz

The Rashtriya Aavishkar Abhiyan (RAA) envisages motivating and engaging children in Science, Mathematics and Technology through observation, experimentation, inference, drawing, Model building, etc. through classroom activities and processes. It seeks to create curiosity, excitement and a spirit of innovation and exploration amongst school children.
The Central Board of Secondary Education in its endeavor to support this movement proposed a series of Quiz competitions to promote creativity and innovative spirit amongst school children in the area of Science, Mathematics and Technology. The competition was conducted in the school on 9th July, 2015. Classes I to XII participated in the quiz. The Preliminary questionnaire comprised of 15 questions. It included questions from Mathematics, Sciences and Technology. Selected students from the school level competition would get a chance to participate in the online quiz competition that will be conducted by the Board on 23rd July 2015.Many students participated in the competition, enthusiastically.

Posted on July 9, 2015

Digital India Celebrations

Digital India is a programme to transform India into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy. This programme has been envisaged by the Department of Electronics and information Technology (DEITY). It would ensure that government services are available to citizens electronically. It would also bring in public accountability through mandated delivery of government’s services electronically.

In this connection, a Digital Wellness Online Challenge Quiz was conducted from 1st July to 7th July, 2015 in the school premises. Students from Classes 6 to 12 participated in the quiz enthusiastically. Many qualified for the Second Level and secured Merit Certificates. The last date for participation was extended as the students showed a remarkable response. The students got familiarized with Terminology, Cyber safety, Cyber Ethics and Cyber Security to be followed when they are Online.

Posted on July 7, 2015

Investiture Ceremony

An Investiture ceremony sets the right tone for an academic year during which the young leaders not only learn to guide other students but also create models in leadership for others to emulate.
The Investiture Ceremony was conducted on 4th July, 2015 in the Assembly Foyer of Jubilee Hills Public School. This ceremony was held for the newly elected student leaders to take charge of their offices. The ceremony (2015-16) was attended by the Chief Guest, Sri. Jitender, IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Hyderabad, the President, Sri Kode Satyanarayana, the Chairman, Sri A. Murali Mukund, the Principal Ms. M. Varalakshmi, the Academic Director Ms. G.Sree Devi, the Academic Coordinator, the Head Mistresses, students, teachers and guests.
It was indeed an honourable moment of great pride and honour for the newly elected council members to receive their badges from the Chief Guest, Sri. Jitender IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Hyderabad. He stated that enforcing discipline in a country like India was not an easy task. However, it was possible if every citizen contributed to this and practiced self discipline.
The Chairman, Sri A. Murali Mukund advised the newly elected prefectorial body that discipline, dedication and direction would take them a long way. The Principal, Ms. M. Varalakshmi. said that the elected leaders had gone through the process of campaigning and then elections. She asked the students to have a vision for themselves and follow values. She stated that a leader with a vision and good values will certainly achieve victory. The Academic Director, Ms. G. Sree Devi stated that the mantle of leadership rested on the shoulders of the elected leaders.
A variety of cultural programmes were put up by the students. The programme concluded with the National Anthem.

Posted on July 4, 2015