Tarang of Class IV

The students of Class IV showcased a spectacular performance ‘TARANG’ with the theme ‘Abhyasa’ on 6th July 2019, at Jubilee Hills Public School. It was a theme based programme to create awareness about ‘proper planning and practice, which promotes seamless performance and hones the talent’.

The Primary Headmistress, Ms. C.Srilatha added that at JHPS, we believe each one of us has the potential to bring about a positive change in our society and strive to make it happen. The entire programme was very well anchored in three languages. The programme focused on VARK learning style which helps the children to learn through: Visual, Auditory, Reading-Writing and Kinesthetic activities and it was portrayed through various skits, dances and debate. The Chairman, Sri A. Murali Mukund, appreciated the students for their wonderful performance, confidence and their team spirit.Parents expressed heartfelt thanks to the teachers who were responsible for motivating their children to come up with such a wonderful programme.

Posted on July 6, 2019