ATL Achievements

Hemesh Chadalavada

1. Hemesh’s innovation –’Wrist band to monitor the Old and Disabled’ has been selected to be exhibited at the ‘Rural Innovators Startup Conclave’(RISC) under ‘Innovators category- Engineering’ conducted by NIRD on the 27th and 28th of September, 2019.

Anish Reddy

2. Anish’s innovation – ‘Aqua Pinion’ also has been selected to be exhibited at the’ Rural Innovators Startup Conclave’ (RISC) under ‘RIDe Challenge Category’ conducted by NIRD on the 27th and 28th of September 2019.

Divyateja.P & Nikhil Patnaik

3. Waviour has been selected to be exhibited at Jawaharlal Nehru National Science, Mathematics and Environmental Exhibition(JNNSMEE) being held at Raipur from 15-20 October,2019.

Posted on September 10, 2019

Teachers’ Day Celebrations

Every year on September 5, Teachers’ Day is celebrated all across the country and so also in JHPS.On 5th September 2019, the students of JHPS put up a magnificent culturalshow to honour, appreciate, acknowledge and revere their teachers. There was an outburst of joy, exuberance, fun as caution was thrown to the winds for the students as they commemorated the day through a grandiose programme to showcase their talents andexpressheartfelt sincere sentiments through lyrics and music followed by quick and slow beats of western and Indian dance and a skit all-encompassing their respect for the teachers. The students beautifully expressed theirgratitude and recognition ofthe Teachers as selfless sculptors who carve out intrinsic characters, resilient personalities, sharpentheir latent skills to prepare each student to face the world and be good individuals in society, choose a career toreach the heights of success in their chosen professions and be good citizens to their country.

The Chairman, Shri. A. MaraliMukund, addressed the Teachers and appreciated their dedication, and commitment to the students with their tireless efforts to bring out the best in each student thus demonstrating the true nobility of their vocation. He advised the teachers to give up ego to strengthen team spirit and strong inter-personal relations amongst them and the management which is always open to suggestions and will always support the best for thestudent and teacher. He said JHPS stands on the pinnacle of success today due to the efforts and support of the teachers and he is proud of the team being with him.

The Academic Director gave a light yet deep core touch to appreciate the students by saying all of you have touched the core of our hearts and won us over. The programme came to a close with the Principal expressing her gratitude to the students for their efforts and making it a grand day for the teachers.

Posted on September 6, 2019