Hindi Divas

JHPians celebrated the Hindi Divas Day on 14th September, 2020, on the Zoom and You Tube to pay due respect to the Official Language and express their appreciation for the mother language in India. India rich in its Hindi Language and Literature was excellently depicted by the students through Poems, inspirational songs, narratives, monologues, dances and speeches. Dohas by Sant Kabir were beautifully intoned and the profound message adroitly simplified for all to comprehend and apply in life.

The Chief Guest, Sri A Murali Mukund, Chairman, Jubilee Hills Public School in his address was very appreciative of the students’ talents well-grounded in the ethnicity of Indian culture and values.

Parents spoke very favourably of the academic efforts made by the school to reach out to the students in keeping them abreast with studies. They lauded the frequent co-curricular and cultural programmes frequently organised to widen their perspective, thus keeping the students alert and active as a very constructive and positive approach.

By celebrating Hindi Divas the students resurrected a patriotic reminder to all the students and viewers of their common roots and unity through Hindi Language.

Posted on September 14, 2020