Republic Day Celebrations

Republic Day once again touches the lives of every Indian bringing back the glorious struggle of the past. The school in high spirits of the 71st Republic Day began the morning with the Welcome Address. The Chairman, Sri A Murali Mukund, presided over the event. The NCC squad gave a grand salute to the Tricolour, as the National flag was unfurled in all solemnity. The students enthusiastically participated in numerous indigenous games, creating a life like aura of the past which strongly emphasized the national culture. For a few moments the parents were nostalgic as the memory of those games were revived. The parents bursting with national pride cheered the children for the revisit to the indigenous games.

Prizes of distinct significance were awarded to prominent deserving students for their excellent performances making the day special and memorable for the prize winners. A further boost to the students’ spirits was the welcome song and a dance, followed by the lively rhythmic beat and well synchronized Lazium Drill a typical dance of Maharashtra. In contrast a spectacular Yoga display followed to bring about its serenity and tranquility as a source for health benefits. A Vote of Thanks was given by the Head Boy. The programme culminated with the National Anthem as the final salute to the Nation.

Posted on January 26, 2020