Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture Ceremony of Jubilee Hills Public School for the academic session 2017-2018 was conducted in the School Assembly foyer. The event was presided over by the Chief Guest, Sri. K. Krishnadev Rao, President, Jubilee Hills Education Society, The Secretary, Jubilee Hills Education Society and The Chairman, Jubilee Hills Public School, Sri.A.Murali Mukund, Sri.Y.V.Umapathi Varma, esteemed Managing Committee Member. The Principal, Ms.M. Varalakshmi and The Academic Director, Ms G. Sree Devi, teachers, parents and students also graced the occasion. It was conducted with a high degree of sincerity and enthusiasm.

The Investiture ceremony denotes investment in being leaders and the trust & confidence the school reposes in newly vested office bearers for the involvement of the student community in day to day functioning of the school.

The programme commenced with the welcome address by the Principal, Ms. M. Varalakshmi. In her address, she talked about the leaders’ duties and responsibilities towards the school. She spoke about the three important V’s in leadership one must have- Vision, Values and being Victorious.

The Chief Guest pinned the badges and administered the oath to the newly elected leaders from the Kindergarten, Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools. The Chief Guest Sri. K. Krishnadev Rao, President, Jubilee Hills Education Society in his speech congratulated the newly elected Student Council members and said that there were different kinds of leaders of which, the most unrecognized were the parents who not only protect and guide, but also sacrifice their needs for their children. He described the qualities of a leader as the one who has a drive and ability, who is well informed, hard working, diligent, self motivated and also compassionate.

Speaking on the occasion, The Chairman, Sri.A.Murali Mukund stated that a leader should set an example with a lot of patience, discipline and delegate responsibilities. He also said that leadership instills discipline in the school as well as the society which in turn leads to development.

The Academic Director, Ms.G. Sree Devi congratulated the invested members and extolled the virtues of Arjuna who led The Pandavas to victory. She then gave nine pointers of a good leader as the one who can shape his identity, who has the light of clarity, arrow of concentration, desire and detachment, and the one who has the power of commitment, yoga in action, can discover devotion, choose the right path, and the one who has the vision of the goal. The cultural programmes put up by the students were inspiring. The newly elected members were motivated to take up their task with zeal and enthusiasm. The programme concluded with the National Anthem.

Posted on July 1, 2017