Social Responsibility

Social responsibility dictates that every human being has an obligation to act empathetically and in a humane manner for the benefit of society at large. In the field of education, this becomes all the more important because of its inherent requirement to uplift educational standards, promote cooperation and maintain harmony in society. Jubilee Hills Public School has been proactively taking many initiatives in this regard.

The school in its endeavor to perform activities that directly advances its social responsibility goals, has time and again taken concrete steps to refine and improve the existing educational situation/facilities in a few schools that were in dire need of such facilities. JHPS fulfills the infrastructural requirements of many Zilla Parishad schools that are faced with impediments in the dissemination of knowledge due to the lack of appropriate furniture/facilities for the students. For more than 10 years the school has donated benches, desks, computer peripherals, desktops etc to improve the educational infrastructure in the Govt. and the Zila Parishad schools.

Balavikas Educational Society for Disabled children, Hindu Elementary School-Nandigama Village in Guntur, the Govt.High School in Medak district, The Zila Parishad High School in Pedakurapadu & 75-tyallur, The Zila Parishad High School in Nalgonda district, Geetanjali Model School in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, The Shankar Rural Development Foundation adopted by a Non Resident Indian Couple from Australia etc are the names of a few grateful recipients of the magnanimous gesture by the institution.