Teacher Exchange Programme 2015-16

The Teacher Exchange Programme that had commenced last year is focused to promote myriad cultures between two countries and to act as an important source of exchange of educational ideas. It helps to build, learn and adopt the best practices and facilitate students in becoming global citizens. Jubilee Hills Public School was privileged to have two teachers Robyn Pisor Doyle and Renee from the United States for the Teacher Exchange Programme. They were with us here for a week and spent their time interacting with the teachers and students and observing teaching methodology being followed by the teachers. During their stay in the school they conducted a workshop for Senior Secondary students on enhancing skills for Global Economy. A panel discussion was conducted in which the students talked about leadership skills, programming and good communication. This helped the students to gain confidence and a fine learning experience.

Teacher Exchange Programme

Ms. Jori Wilson, a student of Eastern Illinois University, visited our Jubilee Hills Kindergarten School. She was there from 04/08/2014 to 06/08/2014 to learn about the Kindergarten classroom teaching. Ms.Jori was impressed with the classroom setup which included blackboard, seating arrangement, soft board decoration and the display of pictures, animals, numerals, and educational materials. She also took lot of pictures while the activities were being conducted. She gave a few tips regarding the behavior chart.
Ms.Jori was a bit disappointed to leave the school. She said that this was her “FAVOURITE EXPERIENCE’ in the school.

Teachers for Global Class Room

As a part of ‘Teacher Exchange programme’ Dana and Laurie had organized a musical competition among the 8th graders. From each section of class VIII the best group has been selected. The groups had to sing a poem which they wrote spontaneously .They started the competition with a lot of enthusiasm. The judges were the students themselves. All the groups sang their poems with a great feel. The 1st position was bagged by E section for the song ‘Freedom’. The second position was bagged by B section for the song ‘School Life’. The third position was bagged by D section for the song ‘Flying Bird’. A raffle was also conducted and many students got gifts. The students presented their songs in a very professional and innocent way. It was amazing to discover hidden talents of students through programs like this.