Young Innovators of JHPS

Divyateja Pasupuleti and Nikhil Patnaik – Grade X
Young Innovators Divyateja Pasupuleti and Nikhil Patnaik of Grade 10 made the school and entire Telangana proud when they won a first prize in CBSE National Level Science Exhibition, held at Mayoor Public School, Noida. Their innovation of an Advanced Rescue System called ‘Waviour’ helps rescue people during floods. A drone continuously takes photos up to a depth of 6m and sends the requisite coordinates to zero in on the location of the person drowning. The coordinates are sent to the nearest coastguard as well as the person who deploys the drone thereby saving precious time. This technology can be utilized during natural calamities as well as in the sea or ocean.This Rescue System has also won the young innovator Divyateja the prized first place in Rural Innovators Startup Conclave competition held by National Institute of Rural Development. The School Management appreciated the students’ efforts and felicitated them and also their mentor Mr. Gangadhar with a Cash Prize in the School Assembly.

Hemesh – Grade VIII
Hemesh another Young Innovator made the school proud when his innovation A Smart Wristband was put up in TSIC Portal in Intinta Young Innovator and also in the e-paper Hans India. This Wristband was developed by him for his grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. This has been made to monitor the body temperature, pulse rate and the status of the person whether he/she is awake or asleep with the help of MPU6050 Accelerometer module. The temperature and pulse rate are monitored with the respective sensors. The data received by the sensors is sent to the caretaker’s phone via a Bluetooth. This Innovation has won him many accolades.

Along with his innovation he has innovated and made a few more devices which include a Smart Pill Dispensing Robot which reminds and dispenses the right medicine at the right time. Another Innovation of his is a Self-Heating Tiffin-Box which he made to help himself as well as the school going children whose lunch tends to get cold by the time they eat. He made this tiffin box such that he can heat the food without the help of electricity and eat piping hot homemade food when necessary. This Award made him stand tall as a finalist in the Macmillan Budding Scientist Award at Delhi. He has also been selected for Phase II competition of Ideate for India conducted by National e- Governance Division, Govt. of India. He stood third among the top 10 selected from the state of Telangana.