The bonding between grandparents and grandchildren is unique and one of the most precious relationship in the world. In our Indian society grandparents are the pillars of strength in the family.

Jubilee Hills Public School organised Grandparent’s Day “Pranaam” on 17.11.18. Pre-Primary students presented a very colourful and energetic programme on this occasion. The programme comprised of skits, dances and songs. Audience enjoyed the programme. The tiny tots were able to touch the hearts of their beloved grandparents in their
own special way and thanked grandparents for their love and support. One of the special attraction of this day was the photo gallery where photographs of the children with their grandparents were displayed. At the end of the programme grandparents also shared their views and expressed their joy as they witnessed the marvellous programme.

Unconditional love is the basis of any lasting relationship, specially the bond between parents and their children. To honour the love and dedication of parents, Jubilee Hills Public School organised Rangmanch for classes UKG E,F,G& H on Saturday 04.08.18 . The theme of the programme was “Modernity in Tradition”. The Chairman Sri A. Murali Mukund, the Principal Ms. M Varalakshmi, the Academic Director Ms.G. Sree Devi graced the occasion.

The programme started with a prayer song followed by welcome address by Primary Incharge HeadmistressMs. C. Srilatha. Cultural show began after the welcome address was given by Vidheya from UKG – E. The programme included speeches on the colours Red and Yellow and theme speeches on Tradition and Technology.Students performed welcome dance , tradition dance ,robo dance ,mickey mouse dance , ketchup dance and at the end a fusion dance. A skit was also presented by the students which was a reflection of the past and present.

The Chairman Sri A. Murali Mukund appreciated all the teachers for training the students and he told that the programme was a blend of tradition and technology.He encouraged the audience with his valuable words. Parents
also shared their views about the programme. They were happy to see their children performing on the stage and they appreciated the efforts of all the teachers. Vote of thanks was proposed by Master Vivaan of UKG – G followed by National song.

The very purpose of Fresher’s Day is to welcome new comers in a friendly atmosphere. It is the day where seniors and juniors finally bond. Jubilee Hills Public School celebrated Fresher’s Day and Vanamahotsav on 11.07.18 in the
school premises. The Academic Director G.Sreedevi, the Vice Principal Ms.Ruchi Sabharwal, H.M Secondary Ms.Durga and the H.M. Pre-Primary and Primary Ms. C.Srilatha graced the programme.

The programme started with a prayer song by U.K.G. students. The children were happy to see the dance performances “Anybody can dance” and “Pompom dance”. The highlight of the programme was Master and Miss Fresher’s and Master and Miss Smiley contest. The winners of Master and Miss Fresher’s contest were Angad Dinesh Rajani and Sirimalla Ruchira Vibhasher from LKG-G and winners of Master and Miss Smiley contest were Master Shourya from LKG-G and Miss Vedha Vinod from LKG-A. The winners were felicitated by the Academic Director Ms. G Sreedevi. In the context of Vanamahotsav, a speech was delivered by UKG-C students Nichay and Nihaal on save trees followed by a dance drama presented by the U.K.G students. In lieu of Vanamahostav, students came in green colour dress and brought green lunch.

Jubilee Hills Public School started the new academic year with Rangmanch of U.K.G- A, B, C and D which took place on Saturday, 7th July, 2018. The Chairman Sri. A Murali Mukund, the Principal Ms. M Varalakshmi, the Academic Director Ms.G. Sreedevi and the Primary HeadmistressMs.C.Srilatha graced the occasion.

The theme of the programme was Flora and Fauna. The programme started with a prayer song followed by welcome address by the Headmistress Ms.C. Srilatha. In her speech, she said that,as parents and teachers we should build confidence, responsibility and also instigate the innate ability of the child by asking and answering questions.

The show began with a beautiful song and dance on ‘Sky is Smiling’ followed by other cultural events like skit on uses of Trees, Jamboree dance and ‘Na Kato Mujhe’dance which were heart touching. Amessage oriented dance on Save Trees, depicted the importance of trees in human lives.

The children showcased their talents not only in dances but also in delivering wonderful speeches on Nature, Pollution and the Mother Earth. Green and Blue colour Day was also celebrated along with Rangmanch where in students spoke about the significance of these colours.The programme concluded with the Vote of Thanks.Last but not the least, they also made the audience to take Pledge to Save Trees. Lastly, a dance on save trees was performed along with the Vote of Thanks.

With the motive of ‘To inspire and to be inspired’, the students of L.K.G – G & H of Jubilee Hills Kindergarten School organized the Parent Day, ‘The Super Heroes’on 6th January 2018 in the school premises. The students also celebrated Blue Colour Day along with their Parent Day.

The President, Shri.K.Krishna Deva Rao, the Principal, Ms.M.Varalakshmi, the Academic Director, Ms.G.Sree Devi and the Pre-Primary and Primary Headmistress, Ms.SoniaNagpal graced the event with their presence.

The cynosure of events consisted of inspiring speeches, for instance, ‘My Parent My Hero’ and ‘Famous Personalities’. ‘MujheMaafKarna’ dance was truly emotional and was devoted to all the parents. ‘Light in the Darkness’ skit was yet another heart touching performance which stole the show. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Reyasen of L.K.G-H.