The school provides to and fro transport facility to the student which is extended on all working days and on fixed routes.

It may be noted that school transport is only an optional facility based on first cum first serve. It may be withdrawn due to unavoidable circumstances or non – cooperation of parents in maintaining the code of conduct in terms of picking and dropping a child or any sort of student misbehavior.

Students will be held responsible for any damage caused by them due to negligence or otherwise. The bus routes are carefully designed keeping in view of the student’s convenience and safety. This is subject to change depending on school requirements.

Students are issued an Identity Card with Bus route number indicated on it. All students must carry this card regularly.

Parents are requested to be punctual in dropping and picking their wards at the designated bus stops to avoid inconvenience and delay to other students.

The Bus fees is payable in two installments. Travelling by bus while defaulting the Bus fees is liable for punishment.

Discontinuance of transport facility will be allowed during end of the term on grounds of change of residence of parent to an area where the existing transport facility is not available. A letter along with student bus card intimating discontinuance of transport should be given one month in advance to the school authorities. Otherwise transport fees for that term will be charged.