Is day care available after school?

School does not offer day care.

What is the procedure to take permission for extended school absences?

Extended absences due to medical reasons require a doctor’s prescription with the medical certificate which has to be sent to the child’s Class Teacher. The Class Teacher shall forward the letter to the Principal. In case the child is absent due to any other genuine reason, the letter has to be addressed to the Principal.

Can parents get the names & phone numbers of the other children in the
child’s class for parties?

The school does not share personal details of other children for any reason whatsoever.

Can parents hold birthday party and send return gifts for a

Parents are welcome to send the child in colour dress with chocolates which can be distributed in the class.

How does the school/teacher communicate with parents about what is
happening at Pri-Primary Wing?

The teacher and the parent can communicate with each other through the diary i.e. Almanac. Every Friday, each child will bring home a Log Sheet. This “Log Sheet” contains academic plan, competitions, as well as information about the school’s upcoming activities, holidays and much more. It is important that parents go through the information promptly and also sign the log sheet. The school also issues circulars.

Will my child receive a report card for Kindergarten?

Children receive progress reports four times i.e. for two Mid-Term Reports(August and December) and two Term Reports(October and March) during the school year. Teachers are available to discuss about child’s progress at any time, with prior appointment.

What happens if my child gets sick or hurt during the school day?

The school has an infirmary where children who are ill or hurt can receive attention and rest. If a child gets sick or hurt during the school day, the Class Teacher calls the parent to discuss the situation and, if appropriate, asks the parent to come and pick up the child. If the illness or injury is serious and requires the immediate attention of a medical professional, the teacher calls the parent. An administrator will accompany the child to the hospital and wait there until the parent arrives.

How can the parents pick up children after school?

Parents can pick up their children after school at 12.15 p.m. by showing the ‘Escort card’ which will be issued by the school. If the parent can’t come to pick the child for any reason, ‘Escort Card’ can be given to the concerned person who will come to pick up the child. Children using school transport will be boarded in the buses and the parents have to come to the respective stops before time to avoid any inconvenience. For any reason if the parent or any designated person fails to pick the child from the stop, the child will be brought back to school and handed over to the Class Teacher. The teacher will then try to contact the parent to pick up the child from school.

Do we need to label all school supplies with the child’s name?

Each item needs to be labelled so that they can be readily identified.