In today’s materialistic world children are spending less time with parents and grandparents. They are mostly spending their time playing indoors with I pads, phones and computers. We at JHPS not only want the students to study and learn but also to value tradition and technology, hence we groom our students to become complete individuals. We teach them to value relationships, to bond with family members and to remember where they rise from.

Keeping this in view, teachers plan and strive to expose children to a variety of games and activities every year to bring about an overall development. The school has come up with the novel idea of starting Parent Days for all the sections of LKG and UKG.

The main aim of this programme is to:

1. Give an opportunity to every child to perform on stage.
2. Create a platform to exhibit the skills and talent of each individual.
3. Bring about the innate talent of each and every child.
4. Enhance speaking skills
5. Develop the “Yes! I can do” attitude in the child
6. Prepare children to face the challenges of today’s competitive world.