Colouring Competition

Colouring helps children develop fine motor skills and good finger grip. It provides an opportunity to practice holding a pencil the correct way and developing fine motor muscles in their hands, fingers and wrist. It is also important as it develops hand strength which is important for good handwriting.

Jubilee Hills Public School conducted Colouring Competition in the Pre-Primary section on 17.07.19. The criteria for the competition was to colour within the boundaries. Outline pictures of caterpillar and duck were given for LKG and UKG classes respectively. All the students took part in the competition with great enthusiasm as they love to colour. Special moments of the competition were also captured in all the sections. The winners were awarded with mementos and certificates.

Clay Moulding

Clay is one medium that promotes creativity. Clay moulding is a fun art activity that involves the sculpting and moulding of clay into a variety of shapes. Children enjoy working with clay for several reasons. For kids to play with clay has many benefits .Working with clay becomes a whole body experience and it encourages both large and fine motor development. It allows them to be creative.

Jubilee Hills Public School conducted a Clay Moulding Competition in the Pre-Primary section on 03.07.19 . All the students participated with great enthusiasm and interest. Most of them expressed their imagination in a very creative way. Children enjoyed the activity a lot. Winners were felicitated with mementos and certificates.

Collage Competition

Jubilee Hills Public School organized collage competition for the students of L.K.G and U.K.G on 19th June,2019. The School encourages the children to develop and enhance new skills by creating opportunities to excel in different Co- Scholastic areas.

Collage is a wonderful way to start, especially for young children as it nurtures their desire to explore and build their fine motor skills through sense of touch independently. Children had endless opportunities for self-expression and exploration. They were given different pictures like flower vase and caterpillar with colourful sheets to tear and stick. The students had fun doing this activity. Three students were declared as winners from each section and were awarded with certificates and mementos.

Calligraphy Competition

Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. It is the art of beautiful handwriting. The kids can learn calligraphy and use this beautiful form of writing from their young age. The Pre Primary section of Jubilee Hills Public School organised Calligraphy Competition on 24.01.19 for both LKG and UKG students. The criteria for the competition was to write within the lines and with neat handwriting. LKG students were given alphabet and UKG students were given a poem to write. The winners were awarded with prizes and certificates.

Rhyme Depiction Competition

Rhymes and songs help children to develop their language and communication skills from early stage. It helps them to understand and learn about different sounds. Rhymes play an important role in developing early literacy skills among children. Pre- Primary section of Jubilee Hills Public School organized a Rhyme Depiction Competition on 13.12.18. It was an inter-section competition for both LKG and UKG classes. Each group was given five to six minutes which included introduction, presentation and conclusion. The number of participant in each group was ten to twelve. Some of the themes depicted by the participant were animal, nature, food and Christmas carol Judges declared the results of the competition on the basis of props, speeches and performance of the students. Winners were awarded with certificates and mementos in the assembly.