Calligraphy Competition

Jubilee Hills Public School organised Calligraphy Competition on 27th January for the students of Pre-Primary.

The aim of the competition was to encourage the students to write neatly,legibly and present the content properly. Both LKG and UKG students took part in the competition with great enthusiasm. The criteria for the competition was to write Alphabets and a passage within the given lines and time limit. Winners were selected on the basis of their neat and legible handwriting and were awarded with mementos and certificates.

Quiz Competition

To enhance general knowledge, thinking and reasoning skills among students Jubilee Hills Public School has taken the initiative of conducting Quiz Competition for the students of LKG and UKG on 11.12.2019.

In the preliminary round four students from each section were selected by the in-charge teachers. Eight sections in both the classes competed with each other. There were six rounds in the competition comprising of the syllabus from English, Number Work, EVE, Rhymes, Stories and Audio Visual rounds.

The young participants were very much enthusiastic and were competitive with each other. The winners were awarded with mementos and certificates.

Story Telling Competition

Storytelling encourages children to be creative and use their imagination to visualize the setting, the characters, as the story unfolds. Their focus and listening skills are developed as they concentrate on what the storyteller is saying. It gives them a chance to explore new ideas and information without realizing that they are learning values for life.

To build confidence, enhance speaking skills and stimulate one’s imagination Jubilee Hills Public School conducted Story Telling Competition on 23rd October 2019.

The students narrated different stories like The Hare and the Tortoise, Clever Kina, Greedy Dog, Unity and Strength, The Lion and the Mouse etc. The stories were judged on the basis of expression, confidence, diction and props used by students. The winners were awarded with mementos and certificates.

Story Narration

Story narration by parents is a very innovative initiation taken up by Jubilee Hills Public School. The main objective of the session was to involve parents in the teaching methodology of the school and share their knowledge with the students.

The parents from LKG and UKG were invited from 21st to 26th November in different slots to narrate stories and to make academic learning more interesting and interactive between students and parents. Parents had come up with different stories and were able to engage and grab the attention of students through their voice modulation and props like flash cards, puppets and artifacts.

All the students took part with great enthusiasm, participated in the activities planned by the parents and made the session lively. It was a wonderful experience for both the parents and the students.

Rhyme Depiction

Rhymes and songs benefit the children with listening, speaking and understanding skills. They also help them to build their vocabulary. Rhymes play an important role in developing early cognizance among children.

Jubilee Hills Public School organized Rhyme Depiction Competition for LKG and UKG children on 20th November, 2019. They were given an opportunity to exhibit their talent, enhance their confidence and speaking skills.

Each class was given five minutes to depict the rhyme. The parameters for judgement were introduction, presentation, theme, props and conclusion. Classes of LKG and UKG depicted rhymes on different topics like Animals, Nature, Food etc. The props prepared by the teachers added beauty to the show. Winners were awarded with certificates and mementos.