Sankranthi Celebrations

The New Year started with a Special Assembly on Pongal in the auditorium on 8th January, 2016. The Chairman, Shri A.Murali Mukund, Principal, Ms.M.Varalakshmi, Academic Director Ms.G.Sreedevi, Academic Coordinator Ms.Suneetha Roopchand, Secondary Headmistress Ms. G.Durga and Primary & Pre-Primary Headmistress, Ms.Sonia Nagpal graced the occasion.

The programme started with the students singing a prayer song. The students were dressed in traditional attires. Few children spoke about the importance of the festival in English, Telugu and Hindi, which was well appreciated by the audience. The children participated in the enactment of Bhogi mantalu , that is the Bon fire, “Hari Dasu” sang “Hari kirtans”. “Bhogi Pallu” was showered on the children by the dignitaries as well as by the parents who had come to witness the show. The dances on “Shubharambh” and “Sankranthi Vachindi” were performed beautifully by the children.

The Principal, Ms.M.Varalakshmi wished all the students, teachers and parents a Happy Pongal and a Happy Vacation.