Ganeshotsav was celebrated with a great deal of pomp and fervor at Jubilee Hills Kindergarten School on 24th August, 2017. The atmosphere was very lively and enthusiastic with devotional songs and dances. Puja rituals were observed as a part of the festivity.

Speeches and shlokas on the significance of the festival enlightened the audience. ‘Vishwa Pradakshina’ skit talked about the spiritual and intellectual powers of Lord Ganesha. The whole atmosphere echoed with ‘Ganapathi Bappa Moriya’ and brought in the divine feel all around.

The Principal, Ms.M.Varalakshmi and the Pre-Primary and Primary Headmistress Ms.Sonia Nagpal graced the occasion.

Filed Trip to Nehru Zoological Park

Enriching field trips contribute to the overall development of students. To provide students an opportunity to learn from the outside world, Jubilee Hills Kindergarten School organized an educational field trip to Nehru Zoological Park for the students of LKG and UKG on 22/08/17.

This trip gave the students a chance to explore the world of animals and birds, their habitat as well as their eating habits. The open enclosures and the sheer variety of animals fascinated the students to no end.

The students had a gala time with their friends and teachers. They had their lunch at the Zoological Park and enjoyed the natural bliss.

UKG E and F Parent Day

To bring forth the different elements of Indian mythology by a myriad of dances, songs, shlokas and stories, the students of U.K.G E and F presented their Parent Day on the theme ‘The Scholarly Mythos’ on 19th August, 2017 at Jubilee Hills Kindergarten School.

The Chairman, Sri.A.Murali Mukund, the Principal, Ms.M.Varalakshmi, the Academic Director, Ms.G.Sree Devi, the Primary and Pre-Primary Headmistress Ms.Sonia Nagpal graced the occasion. The programme started off with a prayer song to invoke the blessings of God followed by a welcome address by Ms.Sonia Nagpal. The gathering was also welcomed by Ms.Ishita Sahu from U.K.G – E.

Welcome dance to the tune of ‘Aigiri Nandini’ made the traditional feel linger all around. Speeches and poems on Indian Mythology and Red Colour gave an insight into the theme. Rama Charitam, a musical dance drama was an outstanding performance which deserves a special mention. It portrayed the “Victory of good over evil”. Dances to the tunes of ‘Jai Ho Jai Ganesh” and ‘Govinda Bolo Hare’ were breath-taking. Narration of Ramayana by Hiranmayi from U.K.G – F was the highlight of the programme. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Akshita from U.K.G – F.

Janmastami Celebrations

Janmastami, the birth of Lord Sri Krishna was celebrated at Jubilee Hills Kindergarten School on 11th August in the school premises.

The Principal, Ms.M.Varalakshmi and the Academic Director, Ms.G.Sreedevi graced the occasion with their presence. The programme commenced with a prayer song followed by a speech by Ms.Arnavi Pillai of U.K.G-G high lighting the childhood deeds of Sri.Krishna.

Shlokas were beautifully recited by Ms.Abhijna of L.K.G – A and a skit on ‘Govardhan Giridhari’ won the soul of the spectators. This skit conveyed a strong message “Never be arrogant, instead stay humble forever”. The little Krishnas and Gopikas presented a beautiful dance to the tune of Govinda Bolo Hare. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks.

Health Camp

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Going for a walk, healthy diet, disciplined lifestyle and positive thinking all these are healthy habits. It is always wise to start and imbibe good habits as early as possible. Keeping this in mind, Jubilee Hills Kindergarten School celebrated “Health Week” from 7th August to 11th August, where young (LKG) children went on a school rally. They went with the slogans like- DON’T SIT TO BE FIT, EAT HEALTHY FEEL HEALTHY, EAT BETTER LIVE BETTER, SMILE AND BE HEALTHY, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE and STAY HAPPY STAY HEALTHY etc. Students also had special talk on Wellness Bin in the assembly. On this occasion, a group of dentists had come for a dental check up to diagnose common oral problems like cavities, tooth decay and cold sores.