Rhyme Depiction Competition

Rhymes are fun for children as they enjoy depicting them. Rhymes help children to improve their language skills. Children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feelings and rhyming words.

Taking all these facts into consideration, the children of JHKS were given an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. Jubilee Hills Kindergarten School organized Rhyme Depiction competition for LKG and UKG children on 7th November 2017.

All sections depicted the rhymes in a creative and innovative way. Teachers selected rhymes with different themes and children executed them beautifully. They performed with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Props prepared by the teachers were truly outstanding. Two parents of Class I students judged the competition and the following sections were declared as winners.


  1. I Prize – LKG G
  2. II Prize – LKG E
  3. III Prize – LKG A and D


  1. I Prize – UKG A and C
  2. II Prize – UKG G
  3. III Prize – UKG B