Investiture Ceremony 30.06.2018

The Investiture Ceremony at Jubilee Hills Public School, for the Academic Session 2018-19 was conducted with great enthusiasm and fervour. The event was presided over by the Chief Guest, Sri.A.Y.V. Krishna, IPS, Joint Director, CBI, Hyderabad, The Chairman, Sri .A. Murali Mukund, Treasurer, Sri. M. Sivaram Prasad, Principal, Academic Director, teachers, parents and students. The investiture ceremony is celebrated to invest the members of the student council. This ceremony officially reposes the newly vested office bearers with power to help in the day to day functioning of the school.

The programme commenced with a welcome address by the Principal, Ms.M.Varalakshmi. She explained about the procedure of electronic voting conducted at school. She spoke about the three important V’s in leadership one must have- Vision, Values and being Victorious. The Chief Guest, Sri. A.Y.V. Krishna, initiated the oath taking ceremony and pinned the badges on the student council members.

Addressing the gathering the Chief Guest congratulated the new office bearers and said that it reminded him of being vested as a Head boy during his school days. He further explained the role a leader plays through a symbiotic relationship from the epic Mahabharata. He reiterated that a great leader is one who doesn’t demand respect but commands it through his ethics, morals and who strives for excellence in all things he does. He said that the teachers are the first leaders in the student’s lives. He said that a leader should set a bench mark through his traits like humility, modesty, integrity, courage, cooperation and has to have telescopic, microscopic, periscopic and stethoscopic views.

An interactive session in which the students posed various questions related to leadership and government were answered by him. When a student from Journalism asked as to who had inspired him the most, he said that his teachers and parents were his role models and his hard work, enthusiasm to learn, understanding and analyzing situations helped him reach the pinnacle of success. The Academic Director Ms.G.Sree Devi congratulated the invested members and asked them to be the role models so that the others can emulate and follow them.

The cultural programmes on leadership were quite invigorating. The newly elected members were motivated to take up their task with zeal and enthusiasm. The program concluded with the National Song.

Posted on June 30, 2018

International Yoga Day

Jubilee Hills Public School celebrated The International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm. A Special Assembly was conducted honouring the age old tradition which began in India. The students practiced various asana’s. The importance and benefits of practicing Yoga were stressed upon. A Quiz on yoga asanas was conducted and certificates were given to the winners.

After completing a hectic day, the entire staff of the school relaxed with a beneficial session of Yoga given by Ms. Divya Sree and her team from Isha Foundation. The staff left the venue feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Posted on June 21, 2018

Telangana Formation Day 02.06.2018

Jubilee Hills Public School celebrated Telangana Formation Day on 2nd June, 2018 with great fervor and enthusiasm. The programme started with unfurling of the National flag. The blood, sweat and tears which took to form the state of Telangana was portrayed through beautiful dances and songs. The speech by the Academic Director Ms. G. Sree Devi further emphasized the struggle the people underwent to gain a separate state.

Commemorating the day, Jubilee Hills Public School also conducted an Essay writing competition. The Academic Director gave the prizes to the winners.

Posted on June 2, 2018